Our bacon is made fresh pork bellies from hogs bred with Duroc* genetics and raised on high quality vegetarian feed. We season them with our select blend of spices and double smoke them to make the most delicious, savory bacon. Next it is smoked in our state-of-the-art smokehouses using natural hardwood smoke. Our processes are strategically planned so that we can create the melt in your mouth quality that our customers have come to love.

Available in Hickory (aka Brown Sugar), Applewood and Cherrywood smokes as well as Pepper, Honey and Antibiotic-Free Uncured Applewood varieties.

*Duroc is a breed of American bred hogs known for it’s natural marbling and deep red color.


1. Head
2. Ear
3. Jowl
4. Butt
5. Picnic
6. Loin
7. Loin: Sirloin
8. Loin: Rack

9. Belly/Bacon
10. Spare Ribs
11. Leg (Green Ham)
12. Ham Shank
13. Shoulder Hock
14. Foot
15. Tail

Head (1), Ear (2), Jowl (3), Butt (4), Picnic (5), Loin (6), Loin: Sirloin (7), Loin: Rack (8), Belly/Bacon (9), Spare Ribs (10), Leg (Green Ham) (11), Ham Shank (12), Shoulder Hock (13), Foot (14), Tail (15)