As with all of our products, we begin by using the finest ingredients.

Our hams are all made with natural pork raised with Duroc* genetics, on a high quality vegetarian diet and raised in clean, comfortable group housing. The pork legs are then seasoned and slow cooked in our state-of-the-art smokers. All of our hams are made with natural juices, making their flavor and texture unbeatable.

Always flavorful and juicy, our hams will turn your meal into a nostalgic experience.

*Duroc is a breed of American bred hogs known for its natural marbling and deep red color.



1. Head
2. Ear
3. Jowl
4. Butt
5. Picnic
6. Loin
7. Loin: Sirloin
8. Loin: Rack

9. Belly/Bacon
10. Spare Ribs
11. Leg (Green Ham)
12. Ham Shank
13. Shoulder Hock
14. Foot
15. Tail

Head (1), Ear (2), Jowl (3), Butt (4), Picnic (5), Loin (6), Loin: Sirloin (7), Loin: Rack (8), Belly/Bacon (9), Spare Ribs (10), Leg (Green Ham) (11), Ham Shank (12), Shoulder Hock (13), Foot (14), Tail (15)