Our smoked sausages and hot dogs and Frankfurters are made with 100% Natural Pork derived from hogs raised with Duroc* genetics and our unique blends of spices. Then to the smoker they go where we fully cook and smoke the sausages with all natural hardwoods.

We use only the highest quality ingredients in our products, which is obvious from the consistent quality you will get from Hill Meat smoked sausages and dogs.

*Duroc is a breed of American bred hogs known for it’s natural marbling and deep red color.


1. Head
2. Ear
3. Jowl
4. Butt
5. Picnic
6. Loin
7. Loin: Sirloin
8. Loin: Rack

9. Belly/Bacon
10. Spare Ribs
11. Leg (Green Ham)
12. Ham Shank
13. Shoulder Hock
14. Foot
15. Tail

Head (1), Ear (2), Jowl (3), Butt (4), Picnic (5), Loin (6), Loin: Sirloin (7), Loin: Rack (8), Belly/Bacon (9), Spare Ribs (10), Leg (Green Ham) (11), Ham Shank (12), Shoulder Hock (13), Foot (14), Tail (15)