Our Quality.

At Hill’s Meat, we pride ourselves on bringing our customers the finest quality pork products in the Northwest. By beginning with high quality, 100% natural pork, we remove the need for additives, protein extenders, and fillers. Our products are minimally processed and contain no artificial ingredients, so all you are getting is premium natural pork.

All of Hill’s pork products are 100% Filler Free and 100% Free of Gluten, MSG, Lactose, Soy, and the popular additives, BHA and BHT.

Naturally Raised.

Often, livestock are feed diets filled with grain to keep costs low. The problem with this is that Livestock cannot digest and absorb the 100% grain diet used to make them grow quickly in feed lots. Diseased organs and stomach bloat are common. The crowded and unclean conditions of large feed lots cause animals stress and disease.

The standard for our naturally raised pork is that the animals are humanely raised according to American meat institute’s animal welfare guidelines.

At Hill’s, we never use added hormones or drugs that behave like hormones. Our animals are fed a 100% vegetarian diet and we never use antibiotics except in the case of an illness. If antibiotics are used to treat an illness, the animal goes through a withdrawal period until there are no traces of antibiotic residue left in the animal before it would ever go to harvest. Happy hogs make delicious pork.

Filler Free.

At Hill’s, you will never find a trace of filler or extender. By selecting superior hogs that are naturally raised and minimally processed, we simply don’t need that other “stuff.” No mystery ingredients, just great pork.

Renewable Energy Certified